Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I stop my dog barking at other dogs?

This all depends on why your dog is barking! Is he/she saying to the other dog, "Hello I would love to play with you, but the human on the other end of this lead thinks I want to eat you?" Or; "Keep your distance mate, do not come to near, the person on the other end of this lead is holding it very tightly, so they must be quite fearful of you, and or, your handler, and it's my job to keep you at bay.... I won?t warn you again, clear off, or, I will.... I will.... if my handler wasn't walking away from you I would.... I would you" The dog then looks up to it?s handler and says, "There didn?t I do well".

Or; "Hey MAN; I know this chap, it?s old Ben (other dogs name), let me off I want to go over and play with him."

Or; It might be trying to warn you (in his/her eyes) of impending danger and or asking for instructions.

Once you are absolutely sure why he/she is sounding off, you can address the problem.

Q: How do I stop my dog pulling on the lead?

Before this question is given any consideration I would need to know.

I recommend a military style training lead, made of round rope 18mm diameter, length 1450mm, including clip. This is ideal for German Shepards, Labradors and other dogs of a similar height. Use a slightly longer, less thick, and, lighter clip for smaller dogs. 90% of my clients find my lead so comfortable and efficient after they first use it they purchase one from me.

There is nothing better than a good sturdy collar, (remember it must by law have a tag on).

On my first visit I can get most dogs to walk to heal before we get to the front door; there is no reason why you should not be able to achieve this.

The walk initially starts in the house, as far away from the exit door as possible. Once the dog realises you are taking him/her for a walk, you can go back to putting the lead on at the exit door, always be ready to go back and start again.

If dog gets over excited when you get the lead from its resting place, drop it (the lead not the dog) onto the floor in the middle of the room, as far away from the exit door as possible, now go make a cup of tea, sit down, relax. When dog has calmed down, do not talk to it, (a misplaced Good Boy, will wind him/her up again), just pick lead up, clip on, and, start walk from the middle of the room you are in. Get control before you go through any door, you lead he/she follows, then before you get to the exit door, he/she should have realised they are not in charge. If they get too excited then stand still, wait till they calm down (do not talk to them just stand still and wait)) then walk very, very, slowly to the next door, stand still for a few seconds before you go through. You always go through first, when you get to the front door, open door, do not go through, (tempting isn?t it (good that?s what we want)) wait, wait, and, wait again, take your time. If at any time he/she try?s to lead, go back and start again. (if needs be right back to the, unclip lead and have another cup of tea). Do the same at the front gate. Hey presto you should now be able to go for your walk in a dignified manner.

Keep dog on left, walk facing traffic, that puts your body between dog and smell zone (where all dogs urinate). Lastly, he/she always walks to heal on hard surfaces, (to and from the freedom area), he/she does not sniff pull or take advantage of you. When you get to the park, beach or woods, tell him/her to stay, unclip him/her, when you are ready rub either side of their neck as hard as you like saying good boy/girl as much as you like, followed by, go on then, go and enjoy yourself.

If you keep your dog on a lead it is at this time when you can change the training lead for an extending lead. Still going through the good boy/girl go enjoy procedure.

How can I get my dog to ?????