About Barrie Davey ex R.A.V.C.

Picture of Barrie Davey walking two dogs

Barrie. D. Davey is a dedicated, enthusiastic, professional, who loves his work, and gets great satisfaction from client's positive feed back.

Barrie's philosophy is "To train dogs effectively, you must, train people first." He therefore focuses his initial energies on truly understanding the root cause of the behavioural issues involved, so, the dog and human behaviour can be understood and harmonised.

Barrie joined The Royal Army Veterinary Corps in 1960 where he attended the War Dog Training School at Melton Mowbray. During his time there his training included, Guard, Security, Red Cross, Mine Detection and Tracker dogs. He quickly established himself as a certificated Dog Trainer. Barrie later took up a position in the Veterinary Hospital as a dresser (now known as a veterinary nurse) at Melton Mowbray, Aldershot and Cyprus. He was later posted to The War Dog Training School in BOAR Germany. Barrie has been training dogs on and off for the last 40 years.

Barrie has acted as Expert Witness in defence of various dogs, accused of being aggressive, as of date all cases defended successfully.

Barrie has acted as a trainer and advisor to a well known local accredited security company. Company details supplied upon official request.

Barrie's enthusiasm and success has come from his love of his work and a real desire to repair the breakdown in the relationships experienced between pets and their owners, he thrives on problem dogs, "The bigger the problem the greater the satisfaction."